KSB Electronics Limited


KSB Electronics is a small firm with over 10 years experience in design consultancy, based in Coventry, England.

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     We provide the following design services:-

     We can design hardware, PCBs, software, PC interface, custom displays, keypads - everything required for a successful modern product.

     KSB Electronics is an ideal choice to support your venture because:-

    It could be easier and cheaper than you think to get assistance and advice that you need, or to bring the benefits of modern electronics to your business, all tailored to your individual requirements. Just call or email to see what KSB Electronics could do for you.

    Confused by the technical jargon in electronics sites and literature?
    Why not check out our Guide to electronics or Guide to electronic terms, or try L3xicon.com - a web thesaurus and lexicon.

    Contact Details

    Email: sales@ksb-electronics.com (this is the best way to contact us, as our phone is not manned if we are out on location with a client)

    Tel. 024 76 661996

    Instagram: @ksbelectronics

    KSB Electronics Limited
    101 Lockhurst Lane
    West Midlands.
    CV6 5SF